Steven’s handsome appearance and work ethic have lead to successfully working as a model in many well renowned print advertising campaigns and a leading role for three (3) seasons in a popular television series for the cable network channel Showtime. His versatility and professional ability to work in both the static medium of print campaigns and effortlessly transition into the demands of the fluid medium of television clearly demonstrates his commitment to continuous growth and professional evolution. Colleagues and peers describe Steven as an extremely conscientious individual with a great work ethic, attention to detail, and with intense professional integrity and the personal accountability to maintain ownership and responsibility for any projects in which he engages. Further, he is trustworthy and dependable; Steven is a solid contributor and asset to any project with which is involved.
Because of his own personal struggles as a child and his deep emotional commitment to all children, Steven has recently formed his own “501c3 charity” named Building A Better America, or, more commonly known as BABA.   BABA  is compromised of devoted experts, contributors, paid staff and volunteers all who devote their expertise, specialized skills and knowledge, as well as the tangible resources required to support families raising permanently children specifically by providing temporary housing, which in turn, helps to alleviate some of the financial burden and emotional fears created by chronic financial instability resulting from the excessive and exhaustive costs incurred by medical expenses.  BABA helps all those affected  by permanent disabilities including developmental, physical, mental, sensory, or any number of the combination of disabling challenges which often coincide simultaneously as both mental, emotional and physical impairments; services and assistance is also provided for those suffering from debilitating diseases such as cancer.  Steven’s goal with the dedicated members of BABA hope to expand into providing assistance to providing services veterans as well.
Building A Better America is also committed to educating families with the tools necessary to assist them in identifying additional avenues of assistance which may already exist within their communities or resulting from their specific disability or former occupation which my lead to financial independence or meet their housing needs in a long term manner.  Please learn more about BABA and donate generously to those in need by visiting – (website under construction)
Current Projects

Throughout life Steven has been fascinated by religion and spirituality. Having lived a full life and worn various hats has enabled him to truly have a well rounded point of view about life and to greatly expand the depth of his own character. Having walked various paths in his journey has given him the compassion and drive to help everyone he encounters in life regardless of the size of the roles. He has currently taken a leave from being in front of the camera, to write and work behind the camera. After launching his own production company, Love and Creation Production; he’s been working on several new projects, books and movies. Always having worked best under pressure, being spread thin has never been an issue, as he always finds time to talk to friends and fans as well as volunteer fr a couple of charities. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Personal Life
Steven enjoys getting back to the basics of being a man—working with his hands and allowing his spirit to breath. In his spare time, Steven enjoys renovating houses, working on old muscle cars, playing saxophone and singing. Extensive reading and writing have also composed an essential part of Steven’s personality; he is an avid reader and prolific writer.  Indeed, he was published into The Library of Congress at fourteen (14) years old and has continued publishing of a less prestigious but equally important nature including works of poetry, music, novels, and ideas of inventions. Not surprisingly with such a vast intellect and curiosity for life and learning, Steven is an avid history buff, self-proclaimed “science nerd” and trivia champion.  Most importantly, however, Steven strives to be a good human being, and a champion to the less fortunate.  His humble beginnings in a large family in Texas are not far in his mind from the bright lights and big city of the notoriously self-indulgent Las Vegas but Steven seeks to evolve his personal nature while imparting happiness, hope, optimism and style in all those he touches in life.