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Tired Oak Tree

Sometimes even the greatest oak will break and fracture. All we see is the grand tree as it is now – not the breaking and tearing it took to grow that big and beautiful.



As you may have guessed from the title, this latest blog has something to do with being “green” or at least trying to be more so.


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Haha, yeah the title it a little tricky, one is a play on phonics, two it’s for Endemol entertainment which a friend of mine is associated with, thirdly and most importantly it’s more geared towards the haters towards my gay friends, fans and followers.

Write Your Own Book

It’s a little after 6 on a Sunday morning and I just finished watching some random B movie. The acting left something to be desired, then again it was almost a more “real” sense of the word than the OVER actors. It was cute and quirky, had great B-roll (those are the random images blended between actual scenes and whatnot).

Critical Mass

In life, sometimes we have to become the Phoenix. For those of you that aren’t quite sure what that means it was often revered in ancient Egypt, associated with the scarab beetle as well; the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

It’s a Four Letter Word

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‘Ello Gov’na!

Those of you that know me, know that often I’m a little (a lot) sarcastic, sometimes down right goofy – which I suppose is part of that strange boyish charm with sex appeal dynamic (see, that was sarcasm).

What’s REALLY Hot and What’s Defnitely NOT!

All too often, living in a city bombarded with transients I see a plethora of fashion do’s and fashion please-for-the-sake-of-my-eyes don’t(s). Granted I’m no fashion icon in the slightest but something in me resonates the style and class of yesteryear. Growing up with an old fashioned father I heard all of the stories of “back in my day” and “in a better time” which made my young mind reel with an adoration for America in the Golden years. (For those of you that don’t know exactly when that was, its circa 1950′s)

One Step at a Time

So, it’s 3:17 am and I’m watching a program about natural disasters, thinking about how they cause people to get displaced. As if that wasn’t enough, the commercials airing on this program are those with the old bearded man asking you to send money to some third world country to help some random sad-eyed child eat (which is noble and altruistic).

Nothing is Ever as Good or Bad as it Seems

Remember when you were a kid growing up and that one person at school always had the BEST toys and the BEST clothes and BEST hair and the BEST A-Team Lunch box? (My Little Pony for your girls out there) and all you could think was “I bet he/she has it so easy” or “if only I could be so lucky, I’d surely appreciate it more than they do.”