Celebrate That It’s Too Big To Fit

So I have some friends… one has lost her father, another has lost her husband and another is away from their partner; the sum of them all, can’t be with a loved one. We all to often do not know how to react to the loss (regardless of it’s permanency) of loved ones, especially if they are of no relation to us. More often than not, it is days,months and years filled with a bittersweet sadness for all of the things you didn’t do/say or things they didn’t do or say.

So lets reset the stage and re-evaluate everything again, looking at the play as a whole. Let’s say that everyone who has ever lost anyone gets one more day with them. They get to re-incarnate for one day, to spend with you – sounds great right? Right! So in the days leading up to this, you are trying to plan: We’re going to dance, and snuggle and visit with the whole family. I want to stay all day curled up to you in bed but I also want to watch a sunrise and sunset and walk on the beach – hell make love on the beach, I want to just stare at you the entire time so that I can re-remember every little detail of you. The way your nose does that thing when you smile, the way your eyes light up when you laugh, I want to hear you singing from across the house, to marry you all over again. I want to relive every single moment of our lives together again… but I can decide on which ones.

So now it becomes impossible. Trying to stuff SO much love into so little time. You do see how it doesn’t fit right? Right? Yes, of course you do – because the words I speak are true :)

And THAT is what L I F E is – us trying to fit SO much love into our lifetime. Nobody says “I wish I could have worked more” or “I wish I’d owned more land” “had another boat” or what have you. the number one thing that people on their way out wish for is that they had loved harder and more. Wish they’d had more time to show the ones they love, MORE love and even those they didn’t love – to show them love.

We have an over abundance of love to give, you see. So we love our mother and father, brothers and sisters, pets, friends and so on – to disperse this ever expanding thing. Yet because we spread it around, does it mean that our love diminishes – like it becomes less love the more people or things we love? Does it lessen the love we feel? OR even if it were a short story of love – like a 3rd grade crush we had – does THAT become less just because it didn’t come to it’s full fruition? Of course not :) We plants these seeds of love and they ARE love – there is no measure, no parameters of love.

You can’t shape it, time it or constrain it; that’s not how it works. Love is love, is love. There is no measure to it for by doing so limits it only to yourself and is a gross injustice to the one loving you. You love your brother differently than you do your lover or your friends – yes but you do not love them LESS, you see? So, should your days not be what you wish they were. Should you be saddened for whatever reason, show those that surround you some more love and I promise, things will change for the better – the more you love, the more love you will get. The best gift you can ever give is love, even if it doesn’t fit into that one more day – it makes it no less of the perfect gift to give because once its unwrapped and recognized for what it is, it then become more than we ever could have imagined.

(if you limit it love – its not love. If you put limits one someone else’s love – then you only limit the love you receive.)

So the moral is: LOVE: It is what we have an endless supply of, is eternal and without measure or condition. You won’t run out, so sprinkle that shit everywhere!


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