Hello Friends (wonders how many actually understand the depth of which “friend” resonates)

How many time have you been watching a movie, talking to a friend, hearing a story that made you get goose bumps? How many love songs have we all listened to time and time (and time) again because “they understand” – hahaha?
“It struck a chord with me.” is quite a perfect phrase, as it puts a complex idea into an easier to digest format, that is more readily to be related to.

We, as a general whole have forgotten or programmed ourselves to become busy throughout our days, weeks, years of our lives and too wrapped up in the daily grind to just survive… (hold on, let that sink in – to JUST SURVIVE) to pay attention to these little antennas that cover our bodies. (now let THAT sink in.) (smiles at you while you wrap your mind around these things) So we’re too busy to pay attention to the information that is literally coming in to these little antennae. Annnnd, it is NOT even at a good price – we trade our ability to THRIVE and live for the ability to survive and be disconnected. Where is the logic and sense in that?

Words, speech is the least effective purveyor of communication. So many words that mean so little, so much back tracking and double-speak; far too many syllables and languages. Emotions the most effective means of communication. “But, uhm Steven you can’t actually talk with feelings.” Which is right(ish) but the whole purpose of communicating is to in short, transfer feelings. “I feel like this, you make me feel like that, Hows your mutha feeling?” – make sense?

If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to tell me and I’ll try to elaborate more :) The point is, when we (as a microcosm AND macrocosm) encounter something that represent the Truth, then we get goosebumps – because the truth literally (sink in) literally, strikes a chord within us – which is why our hairs (or antennae) stand on end. When what we FEEL makes our antennae – stand up at attention…. that is truth reverberating in and through and on us. Yeah, even the scary times when we’re alone in a dark house thinking “i feel like someone is watching me… there generally is, we just can see it with our 7 color based vision (smiles at you again – at the simplicity, yet complexity of it all.) So, from now on try to focus on how things feel and what is coming through from the universe, to you. Go out and philosophize with friends – you all will strike chords within one another (its healthy AND amazing)


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