Sticks and Stones

Hi There,

Stick and stones will break my bones;
the words you use hurt me like the rocks thrown.

Yes it’s a twist on a childhood saying. The point is this: As we travel through this ride called life, with it’s ups and downs and in-betweens, we hardly take into account what our actions mean.

As far as science goes, it’s been proven that we, as humans exist as a and in a vibrational pattern. Our words we speak are sound waves of vibrations that create a word symbolizing a thought. Right? Right. As previously mentioned, we are like tuning forks – which is why when we are sad we seek to be around those who will lift us up and help us see that everything will be alright. Those that help us laugh throw whatever may be weighing on us. True? Of course it is… (smiles)

Also as previously mentioned the way we treat others has the ability to effect them for their ENTIRE lives. Like the kid you picked on in school, now has self esteem issues as a grown adult. The person whose trust you broke now has problems trusting people and puts up walls so high that no one can scale them and has a sad and lonely existence. Do you see where I’m going here?

We, as INDIVIDUAL beings, all struggle through life regardless of race, creed, religion or age. We seek to find purpose and meaning to our lives – which is, as we all know; hard enough as it is. Then on top of that we have to worry about what so-and-so is going to do today to make us feel less than the miracle of creation that we are. See, it hurts just thinking about it doesn’t it?

By the same token as how it is on a soulullar level, not good to take the life of another – or in other words, stop the vibration of another separate being other than your own. To inflict YOUR will upon anothers life and stop their ability to live. Are you seeing how deep that runs? People who kill other people are ENDING their ability to live, love and learn. Good, I’m glad it’s sinking in. However to add to that, it is by the same token that we should not force our opinions of others onto them, unless it is building them up and making them stronger. To hurt someone with words by making fun of their shape, size, color, belief, short comings or any reason – will stick with them for life. Even if they act like it doesn’t, it will hurt them – crippling there ability to be the best that they can be and may make them do the same to others only continuing the cycle of hurt and hindrance.

I know, we’ve all watched American Idol-esque show’s where some people try out for this or that and fail horribly. We snicker and wonder “what were they thinking?” but the simple truth is: at least they tried. The redneck you see on the news talking about how “done seent the tornado a’cummin.” are dressed in humble yet mismatched clothing – yeah they are some of the most warm hearted people I’ve met. So they’re different and not rich enough to dress the way you do, it doesn’t mean they are less of a person. (Yes I said rich, because we as a whole – are so over privileged and share not what we can. More on that later.)

The special needs kids we made fun of in school, they may not be able to see things your way – but I’ll be damned if they aren’t some of the most genuinely good spirited people ever. So sweet and full of love. The overweight person, trying to start a work out regimen… At least they have the heart to TRY and that takes so much more effort than you could imagine. They ALL have dealt with a lifetime of hurt and heartache and STILL they find it in their hearts to be a good, king, loving and compassionate person. The short of it is that – the ones we belittle and out rightly hurt… they are so far ahead of the “cool crowd” that hurts them. Why or how? Because, even with being picked on, pushed down and kicked in the effing face – they still find the strength to get back up, TRY and still show their fellow humans compassion BECAUSE they know how bad it is to hurt. Do you see the circle here?

Tell me, do you understand how simply we can fix this? If we ALL were just a little kinder, a little more thoughtful with the long lasting effects our words and actions have then little by little – we – WE, break the cycle. Hush… listen harder… WE have the power to change the world and yes you are thinking “I’m only one person” but it starts with one person. The kindness you give, effects another and they act in kindness and they effect another ect. HUSH, keep listening – with your soul: we are not ALLOWED to hurt people, it goes against our nature. The more against our nature we go,my he more the universe will create the things to teach us differently – also referred to as… Karma. Let THAT sink in!

If we band together, as small as it may be, we can effect peoples lives in a positive way and they in turn will vibrate in their owns lives as kind and giving… snowballing the kindness and love. so the next time you see someone being picked on, put down or made to feel less than the truly awesome miracle that they are (we ALL are) STAND UP for them because they may not have the strength to do it themselves.



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