Through You

Hello My Friends (smiles)

How many of us have tried to convey an idea, a message, a feeling to someone only to feel as if they didn’t or perhaps COULDN’T understand? Even if we said it in a different language it still somehow would not translate properly.
Well, join the club, it’s called everybody (every-body) and we do it more often than we think. (clever)

So we’ve agreed on the above yes? How many times have we told or implored even, not only ourselves but others “I wish you could see things through my eyes” 472,839/tpp (thoughts per person) – you’re right! :) But that is what we whole-heartedly wish, is for someone to see things through our eyes. Let me elaborate, so let say you’re in an argument – whatever the reason is its okay – but all you literally are trying to do is, MAKE them see how whatever the argument is about, made or makes you feel, no? Whether you feel that you’re right or wrong… either way the answer is the same, you want to make the other person see things from your perspective – do you see? It’s like war, quite literally – team A wants team B to view things as they view them and from THAT perspective, they will see (and feel) why each one sees their own righteousness. However that was not the best example perhaps, so lets try again.

How many of us have been “in love” before? (I’ll write a passage on regard to love and in love later) Like an all consuming, I truly am unable to picture my life without you in it kind of love? Hopefully every single one of you have been and if not, don’t fret love will find you as soon as you let go. Promise. No seriously – it’s how that happens, I promise.

Okay so (waves hands, not like a magician but like an East coast Italian who talk with their hands a lot) you and this other person are entangled and intertwined together. To the point of where the over used word of “love” just does not seem to fit. There aren’t enough words in ALL of the languages to convey the ways you love this person… THAT kind of deep connection – and then you utter “I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.” – T H A T wish. That WANTING for another being to see the beauty that you see, within themselves – THAT kind of depth of FEELING – is how we are supposed to treat one another – as humans, as friends, neighbors, family and yes lovers.

And to tie this all up in a pretty little circle (smiles) The Creator… said the exact same thing :) Now let THAT sink in.


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