Tuning Forks and Hums

Hello Friends (smiles at you and for you, knowing what a trip you are about to be taken on.)

Now before you read this, let go of your day’s stresses and burdens. Lighten your heart so that the truth, like a tuning fork can reverberate within you. Because it will – where do you think ” it struck a chord with me” came from? (smiles aat you in a “ta-da” moment)

Okay so our mother is the Mother Earth, the thing that gives us life, air, food and water. That’s true – agreed?(Yes we all have human parents but we’re going deeper than that.)
And our father is God (Buhdda, Shiva, Allah or who/however you wish to address The Creator) – agreed?-

Our parents are Earth & God and each of us as we are born we start off in an orgasm then that creates life, in short. (yes I said that, to try and lighten the mood in terms of the depth of information your about to receive) Then we are little, we learn and grow, hopefully get married (more on the whole truth behind that as well to come later.) have children and they are little grow up, have children ect. See the cylce? Of course you do – it’s the truth.

We all, as humans have the same parents! We are all born of the Earth and from The Creator (the same creator – not 17 different gods of whatever faith you were taught to believe in – that we both know, you’ve questioned throughout your lifetime.) The SAME force that created YOU, created ME and HIM and HER and that dog over there and the tree on which it is peeing. (yes it’s okay to laugh) THAT same force that allows us to become a five fingered, two-handed, two-eyed body is our mother and father and they are all the same. Meaning, we all have tickets to the same effin birthday party and everyone gets a present – and its a body and a chance to experience the AWESOMENESS of being on Earth!

We shouldn’t hate each other. Do you see that the racial tension, religious tensions (which is funny because TRUTH is the only religion. There is no “my god is more benevolent than yours is” I mean unless we’re all eternally 6 years old.) we shouldn’t hate each other or dislike each other we can disagree but even that isn’t really a point because if you both are acting from the heart, from the part of you that is LOVE then the answer will be the same… and there’s nothing to argue about.


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Steven Edward (Google the meaning of those names – ha!)

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